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Maine, with its picturesque New England scenery and affordable cost of living, is one of the nation's top states for townhouse rentals. The perfect option for families, those in the market for a starter home and even vacationers, townhouse rentals offer flexibility, affordability and comfort. From the state's rugged coastline to its main cities like Portland and Augusta, there isn't a bad place in Maine to rent a townhouse. The state's plentiful amenities, robust rental market and unrivaled recreational and outdoors options enhance the quality of life for townhouse renters and make being a tenant there an even more attractive prospect.

Maine is home to a wealth of modern cities, quaint New England towns and comfortable suburbs in which to rent a townhouse. A popular option for vacationers to the state's beautiful coastline and vast woodlands is to rent a townhouse. These rentals are more affordable than booking a room at a hotel or resort and offer the same comfort and amenities of living in your own home while on vacation. For those looking for a more permanent residence, Maine boasts many great cities and towns to live in. Portland, the state's largest city, is renowned for its charming street and quaint architecture. It is home to many fine shops, boutiques and restaurants as well as sites of interest like Old Port and the Portland Museum of Art. Augusta is home to a thriving culinary scene and attractions like the Maine State Museum while the quaint seaside town of Bar Harbor offers convenient access to Acadia National Park. Other top cities and towns in Maine include Lewiston, Bangor and Kennebunkport. Virtually every city and town in the state offers a high quality of life, stunning scenery and very low crime rates.

Townhouse renters enjoy many advantages over apartment tenants and homebuyers. Townhouse rentals are much more spacious and comfortable compared to apartments while also being more financially stable compared to buying a home through the volatile mortgage market. Townhouse rentals are available both furnished and unfurnished while also offering flexible lease terms for tenants. Even landlords in the state have found the townhouse rental market to be very strong and lucrative in recent years. No matter who you are, you're sure to find a great townhouse to rent in this beautiful state.

With its high quality of life, clean environment and affordable rental market, the state of Maine is one of the best in the country for townhouse rentals.

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